Knight Tech Fund

We own a highly concentrated portfolio of about five rapidly growing technology businesses that are likely to multiply their intrinsic value over the next five years.


The Tech Fund is a public equity investment fund and at the moment open for new investors. The Fund returned 67.5% in 2019 and 65.3% in the first six months of 2020.

Our goal is to find multi-bagger returns. We ignore volatility and are solely interested where a business is heading over the next three to five years.


Recent developments are accelerating the trend to digitalize. Excellent software is essential to run businesses. We focus on the winners in e-commerce, cloud computing services, gaming & e-sports, digital payments, as well as digital health.


The great businesses generate the bulk of their lifetime dollar value after becoming public companies. We believe we have a superior position over most private and venture capital funds as we can benefit from market sentiment and liquidity to seize opportunities to increase our ownership.


We have a strong focus, passion for technology, as well as an expert network of people working on the frontier of those various fields.

Our conviction to invest comes from studying selected businesses and gathering intelligence from management, employees, clients, and developers.


We bought our first shares in Shopify in March 2017 at USD 63 per share. We believed that Shopify’s mission to enable online entrepreneurs to seamlessly run their business would be a great business.

Today, we are proud shareholders and see an exciting future for the businesses. Serving merchants remains a big opportunity.